Primark Lifestyle Expansion

Primark enlisted Audas to manage this project that saw a 10,000sqf fallow area become the first new concept lifestyle area for their brand. This was following the success of the original Merryhill refurbishment works managed by Audas in 2018.

The works were completed over 6 weeks with 3 weeks working during nights.

Audas managed the following works:

  • The existing till bank reduced by 50%;
  • Relocation of 5 tills and an additional 5 new tills installed with standing area for bulky items;
  • Extension of the mains cupboard;
  • Formation of 2 new entrances in existing walls;
  • Illuminated home signs installed over the entrance
  • Laying of floors throughout the area;
  • Assembly and installation of new loose kit;
  • Installation of a fire roller shutter which was made to fit suite centre requirements; and
  • M&E works with all related certification provided.

Audas also set up cabins on site to ensure minimal disruption to the store as works were completed. Therefore, the store was able to remain operational throughout.