| London

Just a few buildings up from the United States Of America’s new Embassy lies a residential block that has just been developed with commercial units below one of which became a new project for Audas in the leisure industry a Cycle Spinning Studio.


The building is set on the ground floor and is situated on a red route and a pedestrianised area so the first actions were to obtain the relevant permits from Transport For London. Liaising at all times with the developer was also an essential part of the project with connections within the unit to be made at critical phases within the 8 week fast-moving project.


As like most projects in London space is critical to a smooth-running site and the lack of space means the site team has to be on it in terms of coordinating deliveries and dealing with waste as well as ensuring that no disruption is caused to our new neighbours and trading businesses whilst we are here for the short spell.


The building itself is all on one level and a new mezzanine floor was to be created which was going to be used as staff areas hosting a small kitchen and offices all created out of oak and glass. The plant rooms were also utilised on this floor with an oak staircase and balustrade to match. Once the mezzanine walls were fitted this allowed us to form a unique acoustic full height stud partition to ensure no noise and vibration would affect adjoining properties and the residents above.


The ground floor was then raised with a metal floor system making sure all drainage was connected and tested first.


The male and female shower and locker rooms were formed and tiled in a class black tile with a neat 2mm epoxy grout line and from floor to ceiling within the accessible room. The cubicle system was specified from opaque toughened glass with a stainless headrail and glass pilasters.


The reception and welcome areas were minimalistic with plastered walls and light paint finishes witha separating partition with a  fire shutter installed discretely to maintain fire regulations.


The studio had two split levels along with the acoustic partitions an acoustic black ceiling was fitted and tiles were covered during the project to protect from dust at all times, all services and tray were also sprayed black allowing for the state of the art music and lighting system to be more effective.


To the front of the studio, a podium was fitted where the instructor would conduct their classes and behind two large TV screens linked to themes and sounds. Oh and don’t forget the glitter ball!